Time to move on

I started this website in 2002 with a dream of helping Third Year BCom students to overcome the challenges I faced in my third year. Started with Cost Sheet, added question papers, discussion forum, live chat, important questions, what not. Oh boy, it was a great joyride. It was fun keeping yourself on toes to ensure the site does not go down at the time of results and yes also the ad revenue does not go down either.. haha.

The times changed, I moved on to different things with higher priority, technology leapfrogged, getting information on digital medium became really simple and easy. Facebook, WhatsApp took over from good old Discussion Forums, Yahoo and MSN Messengers. But like everything in life has a expiry date, this one too had one.

So, exactly after 16 years, I have decided to put an end to this fantastic journey and move on.

I thank everyone for contributing to success of this website.

- Deep